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Ahmad Zachary, Developer

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Ahmad Zachary manages SAA|EVI’s development projects, from concept through construction and lease up. He is intricately involved in sourcing project funding, underwriting new developments and asset acquisitions this includes developmental research, application submissions, narrative analysis and development financing.

Ahmad comes to SAA|EVI from the University of Vermont where he studied at the school of Community Development & Applied Economics (CDAE). Within the CDAE program Mr. Zachary obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Community & International Development, a Major that uses economic, social, and environmental principles to identify community needs, analyze problems and advance sustainable solutions in partnership with organizations and communities.

SAA|EVI is a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a common philosophy: To best serve the communities in which they work.

Our philosophy lies in developing real estate without displacement and investing in ventures that create multi-income, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational communities.