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Stuart Alexander, Chairman

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Mr. Stuart Alexander is the founder and current Chairman of SA+A Development. Mr. Alexander steers the strategic focus of the company while continuing to focus on day-to-day execution of SA+A projects and management. He also serves as a board member of SA+A and its affiliate, EVI.

Mr. Alexander has 40 years of experience in real estate development, construction and property management, as well as experience providing urban and regional planning services to over 20 communities within New York State.

As an innovator in developing and financing affordable housing, Mr. Alexander developed, constructed and syndicated the first 9% LIHTC development in New York State, Maryvale Senior Housing. He also developed the first mixed-use tax exempt bond project in Upstate New York. Today, Mr. Alexander remains dedicated to providing quality affordable housing to all residents of SA+A-developed communities while working to create new innovations to allow for the development of additional affordable housing.

Mr. Alexander is also an active participant in the community, having served as a Board Member of the Buffalo Urban League and the non-profit Buffalo Housing Development Corporation. He was a past Buffalo Representative to the White House Council on Aging and was a Commissioner of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA), where he acted as the Authority liaison for the HOPE VI Lakeview Housing Project that included the rehabilitation and construction of 1,200 new residential units, as well as a neighborhood resource center for job training and social services. Mr. Alexander is a Past Chairman of the Energy Cooperative of New York and current Board Member of the Energy Cooperative of America.

Mr. Alexander earned a Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University in 1969 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Buffalo in 1967.

SAA|EVI is a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a common philosophy: To best serve the communities in which they work.

Our philosophy lies in developing real estate without displacement and investing in ventures that create multi-income, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational communities.