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About Us When two visions became one.

SAA | EVI works with community leaders, government, and investment partners to rebuild neighborhoods and urban centers.

Since 1976, SA+A has spearheaded innovations in the creation of affordable housing. SA+A Development has worked with community leaders, government, and investment partners to rebuild neighborhoods and urban centers. Beginning with the completion of the first housing tax credit development in New York State (1987), SA+A has been at the forefront of equitable community development.

Ernst Valery Investments Corp. (EVI), a private real estate investment firm established in 2001 and incorporated in 2004 (NY), invests in select underserved and undervalued key emerging domestic real estate markets, defined as urban transitional areas with high residential and retail demand.

In 2003, David Alexander and Ernst Valery attended graduate school together at Columbia University to pursue their Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development.  They became close friends and collaborators in search of ways to deal with the affordability crisis starting with a project in Nyack, New York. After graduating in 2003, David and Ernst stayed in touch and regularly discussed joining forces. In 2010 they formed SAA|EVI, a platform committed to the missions of its predecessor companies. With a focus on strategic development and investment, SAA | EVI strives to:

  • achieve strong economic returns with mitigated risk 
  • build healthy and stable communities that are characterized by multi-income, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational populations
  • work with communities and business owners with a focus on developments that build neighborhood value without displacement
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The Forge - SAA | EVI

Today, SAA | EVI is currently operating in 10 states, representing over 2,500 units. We have completed over $225 MM in development, with nearly $2 billion in our development pipeline.

How We’re Different With Development Comes Social Responsibility - The Heart of Our Philosophy

At the heart of our approach lies a steadfast commitment to the communities where we operate. We continually seek out innovative methods to enhance the well-being of these neighborhoods, including supporting strong community-based nonprofits that serve our residents. Community engagement is crucial to fostering a secure and comfortable environment at all our properties.

We believe in fostering open lines of communication between all stakeholders, including residents, management, elected officials, and community members.

The Aequo Fund

President and Co-Managing Member, Ernst Valery, founded the Aequo Fund in 2021. Aequo is a Latin verb that means “to level” or “to be equal.”

The Aequo Fund’s goal is to level the playing field in real estate by providing capital, access, and support to black, brown, women, and 
immigrant developers.

To date, Aequo’s Fund 1 has raised $6.2MM and has deployed nearly $3MM of capital into ten (10) different investments that are controlled by minorities or women. The goal is to raise $50MM for a future fund.

Fund 1 is active in Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, and 
Portland, Maine.

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Our Partners

  • Redstone Equity Partners
  • Fulton Bank

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